Imagine a secret, reclusive society of dragons, the Drac.

Take the stereotype of the ancient Wyrm, the powerful dragons of fictional fame, sleeping on vast hoards of wealth, possessing incredible magical powers, fearsome strength, impervious hides, growing ever stronger with age, some of those still surviving remembering the earliest days of civilization.

Take these exalted creations of the gods, who once ruled the earth. As the power of the shorter-lived, faster-breeding races increased, these Drac would awaken from long sleeps to discover how much they'd advanced while they had been napping. The world was changing.

In the end, to preserve themselves, and to acknowledge the new dominion of the most powerful of these lesser races, Humankind, they withdrew into their own isolated, protected "Kaers", the greatest of which is Kaer Drac.

What would this society look like?

Creatures of such power, of such age, would think differently than humans. But how differently? What would be the virtues towards which they would lean, how would the ideal of 'What does it mean to be Drac' come to be defined?

What are the virtues of the Drac?

This is a preliminary list.

If you have any other ideas or revisions, share them in the comments below.

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by Deviant Extraordinaire Fyrrea

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