Iorneste is a community project. Though I am doing all of the writing, I am still incorporating inspiration from others and this work could not have been written without my own personal cheering section, the contributions of the amazing artists, or my Patreon supporters.

This work is for you. You helped make it what it is.


ArtOfZeony & Thomas J. West


Angel-soma "The Secret Weapon"

Adder-Snake-Bite "Celshade Dragon Queen"

Crysiblu "Digital Samurai"

Fireytika "Feline Inferno"


InksplatterSenpai "Sanguine Ninja"

MalyTraktorek "Elusive Wanderer"

PuNK-A-CaT "Tenacious Shapeshifter"

SajoPhoe "Lightning Fist"

shadowfoxyboy "Feral Ferocity"

ThemeFinland "Draco Magister"


uchihakagura1 "Lord of Light and Shadow"

Zaina-Isard "Queen Z"

ArtOfZeony "Arcane Bloodletter"


That means you. Thank you, so much, for reading, and for letting me follow my dream.

Artist Credit

Selka and Kulvas

by Angel-soma

©2015 Angel-soma